When people think of government careers, they don’t often picture a working environment with many millennial employees- and that is a fact. During the past years, young individuals haven’t even considered working for the government. If we’re honest, it’s not even in their career options. The truth is, there is 23% total of people below […]

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World-class athletes are celebrities themselves. After bagging medals, the paparazzi may chase them as hard as they chase the Kardashians and Jenners. They’d attend a series of press conferences. Entertainment magazines will publish scoops about their personal lives. Their social media accounts can gain a million followers overnight. Esteemed film studios may also offer to

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We usually watch movies when we’re feeling bored, or if a friend comes over and we have nothing to do. But movies, at least the exceptional and gripping ones, can do more than appease boredom. In fact, some can even boost your mental health, or enhance your spirituality. Any comedy or romantic movie may seem

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Corporate videos have become more competitive in recent years. With videos becoming one of the most common types of media consumed by online users, it doesn’t come as a surprise why companies want their corporate videos to be professional, content valuable, and exceptionally alluring to mass audiences. There is no specific formula for the perfect

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Traditionally, when an author has a novel, a collection of short stories or poems, an autobiography or memoir, they have to submit their work to a publishing house that will mass-produce a book. Now, however, there is an additional option: self-publishing. No, it is not a new practice. Writers have been self-publishing their works since


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites have become important to how businesses operate. Having a social media presence allows businesses to connect and communicate with their customers. It also a very effective tool for marketing. Businesses can use social media as a way to gain new customers and promote new products and

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Using video marketing to promote your products and services is an effective way to boost engagement and expand your reach. Customers enjoy watching videos because they’re engaging, convenient, and compelling. It’s why most social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have pivoted to video, and why so many companies are investing their time and money

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Continuous learning is one of the key drivers in achieving entrepreneurial success. Even if you graduated at the top of your class in business school, there are still a lot of things you have to learn outside of the four walls of a classroom. But how can you expand your knowledge when your business/es takes


If you have ever dabbled in the world of high-end gaming, you should know about the many niche products or peripherals that are out there. Customized PCs that have the fastest processors and most powerful video cards could easily cost upwards of $1,000, but these are guaranteed to run your games at the highest settings.

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Despite body-shaming and unrealistic beauty standards being slammed, they still continue to persist in many ads, fashion events, and the entertainment industry. Of course, there is nothing wrong with skinny models and celebrities, but the point of body positivity is to implement inclusivity. To recognize the beauty of bigger women and girls, and to look

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