Social Media Marketing Tips: How Jewelery Businesses Can Go Viral on Pinterest

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites have become important to how businesses operate. Having a social media presence allows businesses to connect and communicate with their customers.

It also a very effective tool for marketing.

Businesses can use social media as a way to gain new customers and promote new products and services. Best of all, creating an account and posting is free.

However, social media would not be able to help businesses grow if it is not used correctly. There are tons of other businesses posting on social media. Content has to stand out to be noticed by potential customers.

Pin It

Pinterest is a different kind of social media platform. While it is primarily a site for digital visual media, users do not normally create and publish their own content.

Users, instead, create boards and pin images that inspire them. They are planning outfits, weddings, vacations, houses, meals, and, basically, every aspect of their lives.

This year, the site reached 400 million monthly active users, making it one of the most popular social media platform in the world.

Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine

Jewelers should consider hiring a jewelry e-commerce photo retouching service to create content for Pinterest. To become a success on the platform, posting content that would appeal to the public.

Simply put, low-quality photos that are taken under dim lighting and using a smartphone camera would unlikely do well on the site. People go on Pinterest to look at photos and videos that look good with the hopes of recreating it later on.

In 2013, a company called Curalate scoured the entire database of Pinterest to determine the characteristics that make a photo a hit among users. They identify a Paula Deen post for a recipe for cucumber, tomato, and onion salad as the ideal photo for Pinterest because it has all the characteristics that users want, including multiple colors, moderate light colors, and lots of red and orange.

social media icons on a smartphone screen

Businesses do not have to follow the characteristics that Curalate has listed down, but it does illustrate the importance of quality for photos posted on the site. The cucumber, tomato, onion salad photo, at the time, received 307,000 pins, 8,000 likes, and 300 comments. It became a very popular content that was circulated throughout the platform.

Organize Your Boards

On Pinterest, boards are used to identify and separate images into categories. So, for example, a bride planning her own wedding would have a board for wedding dresses, another board for wedding decorations, and a different board for makeup and hairstyles.

Boards are also used by the algorithm to identify which photos to push to users based on their interests.

So, for example, a jewelry store wants to reach young consumers looking for fashion inspiration, using a keyword that relates to dressing up in a certain style or trend as the name of a board will push relevant content to those who may want it.

It allows businesses to post content that will be seen by more people, not just those who are interested in a certain product.

Pin Rich Pins

Rich pins are posts that include additional information. For example, recipe pins would have ingredients and other relevant details featured right on the pin itself. This way, the users would have all the details they need without switching to another website.

It would be more appealing to the users and the platform itself.

Provide a Link to Your Website

It is important that businesses provide a link to their website. If a photo goes viral, there will be a lot of potential customers who want to make a purchase.

Pinterest is also a shopping destination. According to the platform’s own research, 84% of users are looking at pins to decide what to buy. About 55% of users are specifically looking for products to buy.

Over 80% of weekly users in 2019 have already made a purchase based on the content they see pinned by brands on Pinterest.

Aside from visibility, the platform is sending its millions of users who are ready to make a purchase toward relevant businesses.

If a photo of a product goes viral, and there is no way for the customer to find out where to get it, then the business will miss out on dozens, if not thousands, of potential sales.

Pinterest’s pins are evergreen. Once the content is published on the site, it likely would not be forgotten. It will be repinned over and over again by different users throughout the site for months and years to come.

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