Consult a professional jeweler for serious repairs to ensure that precious metals and stones are restored correctly.  Clean jewelry regularly with mild products or gentle home remedies such as toothpaste.  Properly polish jewelry to loosen dirt and debris; use a soft brush, warm water, and mild soap.  Make minor repairs yourself when possible to save […]

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Communities use town halls to discuss important matters, pass laws, and hold government meetings. The size of town halls can vary depending on the community’s needs. Still, they are typically large buildings that can accommodate many people. A community town hall can be a great way to unite people and engage them in the issues

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Rustic is a word often used in the world of interior design. It speaks warmth and smells like roasted marshmallows on a campfire. It reminds you of your grandparents’ cabin you used to spend summers when you were a child. Rustic means country and you can achieve it even if you’re living in the bustling

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Your home decor can make a huge impact on your family’s mood. Without adequate attention to detail, you might be promoting a negative atmosphere inside your home. That’s why you should take the time and effort to decorate your house. There are lots of ideas you can find online on how you should maximize your

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Transforming the wedding of your dreams into reality is an exhilarating experience, especially if you and your partner have been anticipating the big day for a long time. The fact that you will soon marry the love of your life will definitely leave you overwhelmed with joy and happiness. However, you need to prepare yourself

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In 2018, some 200 advertisers worldwide collectively spent a whopping $163 billion on online promotional campaigns, a 3.6% hike from the previous year. These big-ticket spenders included U.S.-based tech giants Google, Amazon, and Facebook, which increased their ad budgets by 23%, 32%, and 236%, respectively. Today, American marketing executives allot roughly seven to ten percent

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Rustic design is known for its use of coarse materials, such as unpolished stones, raw wood, and different metals. It embraces an organic aesthetic that creates warmth and feelings of comfort. Interior designers and homeowners often choose this type of design to incorporate natural elements into the space without overpowering it. A common buzzword these


The Internet makes shopping utterly convenient, which is why it’s no wonder the e-commerce industry is still on the rise. When it comes to experiential and luxury purchases, though, consumers still prefer shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. In the fashion industry alone, more than 70% of purchases are still made offline. It’s not hard to see


Color is a default aesthetic element in gardens. Place some flowering plants here, and you’ll have instant pops of pinks and blues. Put some brick pavements and a pergola in the middle of the garden, and you’ll have earth-y tones that offer a good contrast to the bright hues. But just because color naturally exists

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Many homeowners commit the mistake of jumping right into gardening before even creating a landscape garden layout. This can cost you a huge mistake, which can take years to resolve. That is why some choose to hire a landscape architect or garden designer to get the help that they need when planning their garden layout.

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