How to Incorporate the Modern Rustic Aesthetic into Your Home

Rustic design is known for its use of coarse materials, such as unpolished stones, raw wood, and different metals. It embraces an organic aesthetic that creates warmth and feelings of comfort. Interior designers and homeowners often choose this type of design to incorporate natural elements into the space without overpowering it.

A common buzzword these days is modern rustic. Although modern and rustic fall into separate design categories, recent decorating trends have birthed this interesting combination. If you are looking to incorporate this aesthetic into your home, it’s important to remember that balance is the key.

The Basics: The Modern Rustic Aesthetic

On their own, modern design and rustic design couldn’t be farther apart in terms of visual elements.  Combined, however, they take on commonalities that result in a simple yet chic aesthetic. When planning out your interior design, look towards the basics, like organic textures and neutral colors.

Organic Textures

Wood and stones play essential roles in creating a rustic aesthetic. You’ll likely see barnwood shiplap wall coverings, reclaimed timber, bricks, and stones in rustic designs. These provide organic textures that soften modern design elements. When incorporating these elements into your interior design, opt to limit them to one or two textures. This will keep them from clashing with other design elements in the room.

Neutral Color Scheme

A commonality between modern and rustic designs is the use of a neutral palette. Although some would consider this boring, this color scheme gives you more freedom to incorporate different design elements. By painting your walls with a neutral color, like gray or white, you can add pops of color through the furnishings and other decorations. A neutral color palette is also effective in elevating a rustic look into something more chic and modern.

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Soft Textiles

The combination of organic textures with a neutral color scheme can tend to look masculine. Soften the look with textiles. Add a faux fur rug to offset hardwood floors, throw a handmade quilt over the couch to balance out its neutral tones, or place colorful throw pillows on chairs to make them more comfortable.

Natural Elements

Bring the outside in by using potted or hanging plants as decorations. The incorporation of greenery in your interior space will complement the other organic design elements. Additionally, plants provide you with pops of color throughout the space. They help balance out the harsher visual elements that come from traditional modern and rustic designs.

Modern Furniture

A well-balanced modern rustic aesthetic combines the comforts of natural elements with the conveniences of the modern world. When choosing furniture, go for those with mid-century design elements. This style goes well with traditional rustic design elements.

The modern rustic aesthetic is a good design choice for homeowners who want to try something new. Its combination of natural textures with modern elements creates a homey ambiance that can be relaxing. If you’re not ready to completely incorporate this aesthetic into your home, start by choosing one of the basic design elements. This gives you time to adjust to the style.

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