Design Hacks for Dark Furniture in a Bright Space

Since today’s interior design trends are all about lightness, openness, and airiness, dark furniture pieces tend to be overlooked as design elements. However, deeply-hued furniture items have design potential that may just surprise you—including brightening a space.

Whether you live in Utah or California, you can certainly pick the brain of an experienced interior decorator in your locale for some tips to brighten up a space while still using dark furniture. Here’s what they might tell you:

1. Go with Light Wood Flooring

Set dark furniture atop light wood or natural wood-toned floors. Light-colored flooring provides a nice, brightening contrast against dark furniture, which will stand out and create a dramatic, vibrant effect.

2. Accentuate with Light-Colored Textiles

If changing your flooring isn’t the most economical idea, simply go with a pale-toned area rug. It will make a dark sofa, dining table, and bed pop. Area rugs also add character and texture to a space, making them statement pieces that contribute to the overall aesthetic of a space.

The same can be said for bright- and light-colored throws. Lay down several pieces of throw pillows onto your dark seats and beds, and the dark upholstery will look livelier, straightaway.

3. Mix-and-Match Furniture Tones

bright living room with gray couchA well-designed bright space is all about mixing and matching. If you have a dark sofa, add a light-colored coffee table, side tables, and accent chairs. Or just add one piece of light-colored furniture, like a coffee table, since it’s in the center of your living room. To brighten up the space even more, trick the eye using statement light fixtures such as a dramatic light-colored floor lamp and a chandelier.

4. Hang Lots of Mirrors

Mirrors are especially beneficial to small spaces with limited access to natural light. Not only do they create the illusion of a bigger space, but they also reflect light, whether natural or ambient.

A mirror delivers the same effect to dark furniture. Just position one on top of the furniture item, and watch them become focal points or accents in your space.

5. Infuse a Room with Mood

A moody color scheme is one that uses a darker color palette, usually navy blues and rich grays. Despite being called moody, these dramatic rooms can actually induce calmness and relaxation, since your eyes won’t get tired of too much brightness. This is where deep-toned furniture pieces work best.

Make a tone-on-tone design by placing a dark sofa or bed against a dark wall. Incorporate brightness through natural light or decor, which can be wall art, plants, or accent light fixtures.

Don’t shun black! It may be an unconventional color choice even for a moody room, but when done right, the space will be highly chic and sleek. Just throw in some light accent pieces like an area rug and other textiles to liven up the surroundings.

Now you know: you don’t have to shy away from dark furniture if your aim is to brighten up a space. They’re more than just practical items that hide dirt and stains. They’re classy, dashing pieces that are perfect for sophisticated home owners.

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