Virtual Reality: More Than Just for Gaming

If you have ever dabbled in the world of high-end gaming, you should know about the many niche products or peripherals that are out there. Customized PCs that have the fastest processors and most powerful video cards could easily cost upwards of $1,000, but these are guaranteed to run your games at the highest settings. Then you have the peripherals ranging from gaming mice and mechanical keyboards to others that are more specific in their purposes. Do not be surprised to see a steering wheel and racing chair setup for driving game fans, or flight yokes and sticks for those who are into airplane simulators.

In the past few years, there have been strides made on the virtual reality front. That is something that is still primarily aimed for gamers, but it has gotten so good that it can be implemented in other ways. For example, it can be used for VR marketing solutions. Putting in the headset will immerse your eyes as you have never experienced before, which bodes well if you want to make showcasing a product to your targeted customers memorable.

The New 3-D

Viewing images in 3-D is considered as the holy grail of display technology. People are used to wearing glasses for the eyes that use visual trickery to achieve the effect. The mainstream world is yet to see a more elegant solution that would involve a group of people. VR is still a solo experience, but the great thing about it is it does not resort to any type of manipulation or distortion of the picture, which can detract from the experience. The latest technology employs two OLED or LCD screens for each eye, and these run at high refresh rates and have high native resolutions. This will ensure that what you are seeing is ultra-sharp and the smooth movement aims to minimize motion sickness.

Virtual Tours

With the power of VR, you can invite people remotely on VR tours. This is something that realty or property vendors should consider offering potential clients, especially now that many are practicing social distancing. They can film a tour of a house in VR, and then post the video to their website for those who have the proper headsets at home. There is no need for them to schedule appointments anymore, which means prospective buyers can view the tour anytime they want.



VR technology could revolutionize communications, but it cannot do it by itself. The headsets would get in the way, so if you want to pull off a meeting with your friend in a virtual world, you need 3-D rendering to help you out. There are scanning devices out there that can easily convert your face or your whole body into a detailed polygonal model, and this will be the most accurate digital representation of yourself. An external camera will then register your mouth movements and apply those to your avatar.

This implementation may be fragmented. Hopefully, in the future the headsets would have built-in cameras that would be able to capture full facial movements.


Given that VR is still a solitary type of hardware, it can be easily applied to meditation activities. For those who cannot find a space or the environment where they could just sit down and reflect, they can just put on a VR headset, and they can place themselves anywhere they can imagine. No other device and provide a visual sensory experience on the same level.

VR is seen as the next evolutionary step in gaming, but it can be more than that. This is a technology that is versatile enough to be put in the realms of other industries. In the near future, it may become relevant enough that you will see it in many places like malls or cinemas. This way, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to experience it.

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