Why Millennials Should Think of Working for the Government

When people think of government careers, they don’t often picture a working environment with many millennial employees- and that is a fact. During the past years, young individuals haven’t even considered working for the government. If we’re honest, it’s not even in their career options.

The truth is, there is 23% total of people below 30 in the workforce, and only 7% of them work for the government. Overall, almost half of the currently employed government employees are nearing their retirement years, so this is actually a good opportunity for young job seekers to work with the government.

What millennials need to understand is that there is a massive opportunity and demand for government workers. Currently, the government is pursuing to hire thousands of work-driven young individuals. The good news is that these jobs match various sets of interests and skills.

Read below to know more about the advantages of working for the government.

Finding a Sense of Purpose

Millennials are now seeking to find work that gives more than just earning money. They are now more passionate about finding the meaning of life and having a purposeful existence. Government career opportunities can provide that. If you want to focus on specific fields like education, security, healthcare, and helping the homeless, you can always find a job that directly focuses on these days.

Unlimited Career Growth

Private sectors offer meditation rooms, Ping-Pong tables, or gaming nooks. But don’t expect to have these things when you work for the government. However, the career growth and development that you will receive when working in public administration is astounding.

As mentioned, many government workers are set to retire in the coming years. And this means that there will be many career and promotion opportunities in public offices. You may begin your career as an assistant Attorney but will likely end up as a division chief.

Even video production employees have a chance to work for the government. Due to the continuous advancements in technology, the government is also trying to find a way to work digitally to spread more awareness to its citizens.

Collecting Worthy Career Contacts

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Having valuable career contacts is essential for all types of careers. It will give you the chance to improve, grow, and expand your knowledge. And if you work for the government, you will be able to meet judges, senators, and other extraordinarily bright people in the industry.

Not everyone will be given this kind of opportunity. The chance to work alongside senior officials is an excellent way to learn from the best mentors. Because in all honesty, this is an era of power. Sometimes, what you know and what you can do is not enough to climb the ladder. Your mentors and coworkers can be your references when you apply for promotion or if you need to move to another place.

That’s not all. You will also meet a group of young individuals that work for the government. They can help you learn the basics of government employment and what makes it so great. You will enjoy attending training programs and conferences because you will spend time with young workers like you.

Work-life Balance

Indeed, government offices often have the impression of being too buttoned-up and stiff, but their traditional policies can be of great help to you. Unlike private sectors, government offices don’t always require overtime and allow their employees to work with predictable schedules. As a result, you will have more freedom to balance your work and life, allowing you to enjoy your young years.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about bringing work home. Some government agencies are strictly implementing not taking work-related files and documents home. In short, there will be no work responsibilities for you after leaving the office.

You should know that government agencies are thriving to achieve work-life balance. So you don’t have to worry about dedicating your entire day to work. You will have plenty of time for recreational activities.

Student Loans Assistance

Paying off student loans is a common problem for many adults. Most adults are almost nearing retirement, but they are still paying their student debts. However, this will not be a problem if you work for the government. They have student loan repayment programs for their employees, and this is a benefit that you will enjoy.

If you’re still trying to figure out if working for the government is suitable for you, try working for a public office for a year. Doing this will give you a more comprehensive understanding of what it’s like to work for the government and the benefits you will get. It’s about growing as an individual and finding career opportunities that will help you achieve your goals. target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer nofollow”

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