6 Corporate Video Trends to Hop in on For 2021

Corporate videos have become more competitive in recent years. With videos becoming one of the most common types of media consumed by online users, it doesn’t come as a surprise why companies want their corporate videos to be professional, content valuable, and exceptionally alluring to mass audiences.

There is no specific formula for the perfect corporate video. Just like types of media, corporate video trends come and go at a breakneck speed. Companies have to stay on top of these trends to maintain a competitive edge against others, and since videos heavily influence online traffic now more than ever, there is no better time to start learning about the most popular trends in corporate video production.

1. Animation

Animated corporate videos offer a unique way for companies to tell their stories. Moreover, they can showcase a brand in ways that a live-action production cannot.

When done right, animated corporate videos can be more engaging and memorable than their live-action counterparts. In turn, this can lead to increased traffic, more successful conversions, and wider brand awareness.

2. Captioning

When you post a corporate video on social media, one of the main goals is to get users to stop scrolling and watch it. An excellent strategy for this is to caption all of your videos with interesting text that can keep viewers hooked on your story.

Moreover, captioning videos increases viewer retention and comprehension, which can ultimately lead to better brand awareness. It also makes your videos accessible to those with hearing impairments and (if translated) people who speak another language.

3. Looping

Online users have become better at ignoring ads on social media, which is why brands only have a few seconds (approximately three) to capture viewers’ attention before they continue scrolling. The visual aspects of the video play the biggest role in this, but it doesn’t just have to be visually mesmerizing; it also has to loop perfectly.

Facebook auto-replays videos that are under 30 seconds for up to 90 seconds, but people will stop watching if the end of the video is obvious. This means that aside from making your video visually compelling, it also has to loop seamlessly if you want to increase the chances of viewers re-watching the video. Sometimes, people don’t even realize that they are re-watching the same thing again. And the longer your viewers watch your videos, the better your message resonates with them.

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4. Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are combinations of photos and videos. In a typical cinemagraph, the majority of the space is occupied by a still image, while a smaller detail creates movement. While it might not be as compelling as an actual video, it is more eye-catching than a still photo.

Cinemagraphs are also the perfect example of a looped video. But unlike videos that are 15 to 30 seconds long, cinemagraphs are far cheaper and easier to produce.

5. Live videos

Live streaming is a common tool for influencers, celebrities, and companies. It makes viewers feel like they are a part of the discussion rather than just an audience, and this is especially true for companies that allow opportunities for interaction (answering questions, asking for comments, interviewing an audience member, etc.). This humanizes brands in the eyes of their viewers, helping make companies more ‘real’ instead of just blank corporate faces.

What’s more is that live videos often feel more exciting than pre-recorded videos. The fact that the live is happening right now, uncut and unedited, encourages users to tune in at the time of the broadcast. For events, live streaming also increases inclusivity by allowing people to watch without being present in-person.

Another reason why you should hop in on the live streaming trend is that streams can be recorded and posted on your website, social media pages, or Youtube. This gives people who couldn’t watch the live video a chance to watch it sometime later, as well as allows previous audiences to re-watch it as much as they please.

6. Video homepages

The corporate homepage continues to change over the years. One of the more recent trends is video homepages, which shows web visitors a looping video as soon as they open your website. This gives you the chance to tell a story that a still image cannot, making a lasting impression on your audience before they even begin to explore the rest of your site.

Video production is becoming more and more competitive as brands continue to find ways on how to make themselves stand out. Don’t get left behind by the competition. By hopping in on the most popular trends, you can create compelling corporate videos that will resonate with your audiences.

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