Today’s world saw a significant boom in gaming. Since the revolutionary Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), video games have become a standard appliance in households. While not limited to kids, the primary audience includes kids six and up. Back then, they were more of a niche interest, but now, there are tournaments, contests, and conventions. While […]

The emergence of the Internet has greatly impacted and transformed the retail industry. In fact, having a strong online presence is now considered a vital aspect of ensuring business success and improving financial performance. Moreover, it’s been reported that 55% of consumers choose to search online for product recommendations and reviews before finalizing their purchases.

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If there is one thing that captures the eyes of potential customers and clients, it is good pictures. People nowadays love going online and seeing snapshots of their favorite products. Of course, seeing ones that are a definite eye-candy will most likely attract them and make them purchase it. That is what you would want

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“Photoshopped” images have become a sensitive topic for some people. Debates are here and there whether edited photos are really a necessity. People against the practice claim that pictures altered to look “better” are harmful to society because the “lie” to the audience and people might feel insecure and pressured by the unrealistic beauty standards

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Collecting different works of art is just a huge stress-reliever for most art-loving people. Whether it’s a photograph, painting, or fine art print, a good piece of art will surely make an art-loving person’s day. Below, we will discuss what you need to remember if you are planning on collecting fine art prints. These also

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Are postcards still relevant in the selfie generation? Surprisingly, yes! Postcards are a thoughtful way of showing a person that you care even while far away. These small cards normally show a scene or location that is well known in the city or country you are in. People who travel to Paris, for instance, end

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What’s the secret to attracting more visitors to an e-commerce site? Simple: Give customers what they want. What’s not so simple, though, is finding what exactly they want. The best way to do this is to go back to your market insights, referring to customer specific demographics and psychographics. In general, you should be able


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