Commercial Shoot: How to Get Good Product Photos

If there is one thing that captures the eyes of potential customers and clients, it is good pictures. People nowadays love going online and seeing snapshots of their favorite products. Of course, seeing ones that are a definite eye-candy will most likely attract them and make them purchase it. That is what you would want for your business.

Below, we will discuss a couple of things you should do to make your products’ photos look amazing. If you need professional photos, though, then it would be best to get commercial photography services instead of relying on your amateur skills.

Get a Standard Lens

You wouldn’t want the outcome to be distorted in any kind of way, which is why you should choose to use a standard lens. Effect and wide-angle lenses can destroy the proportions in an image, and as we are talking about product photography, then you would definitely want to steer clear of that. Normal or standard lenses have a perspective that is almost as close as the human eye’s. You can be sure that it would not cause misrepresentation or even alteration of your chosen subject.

Mind the Lighting

Remove the product from the background and make it the focal point of the shot. You also have to make sure that everything is well-lit. Basically, the right way to light a product is by aiming two lights at the background on each side of your product. Have the lights point at the background and not at the subject itself, as this will help the product be the main subject in the photo. You should also aim one of the lights in front of the product and another one on top or above the subject. This will help make sure that the product is well-lit, plus, this will eliminate any casting shadow.

Experiment with Lifestyle Product Shots

Product photo

Let your creative juices flow and experiment with lifestyle products! You are shooting an inanimate object, which means that they would not mind if you take a little longer in the studio. You never know, you just might get the most pleasant surprise if you decide to use the most unexpected prop around.

Tell a Story

Again, it would pay to use your creativity when it comes to taking product shots. Make sure that you are not only taking a photo of the product itself, but also the story behind it. Make a narrative by making people see how much easier their lives can be if they decide to purchase this specific product that you are trying to sell.

Don’t be scared to play around and see what type of story you will create out of these objects around you! Always keep your studio clean and free from any type of clutter. This way, it would be much easier for you to focus on what you are currently working on.

Remember, if you feel like you cannot take the photos yourself and you might need help, then do not hesitate to reach out to a professional photographer. It would definitely pay off in the end anyway!

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