For Business Success: 4 Things Customers Want to See in Your E-Commerce Site

What’s the secret to attracting more visitors to an e-commerce site? Simple: Give customers what they want. What’s not so simple, though, is finding what exactly they want. The best way to do this is to go back to your market insights, referring to customer specific demographics and psychographics. In general, you should be able to include these elements in your page:

Your Brand Logo

Nope, this isn’t just for distinction, not just to put your brand out there for a better recall. It’s for the benefit of your customers. A site that bears your logo signals that it’s a legit page they’re visiting. The importance of this can’t be overemphasised.

Although e-commerce has gone a long way in making people more comfortable with online transactions, it’s still important to place their badges of trust and reassurance. Be strategic in your logo placements.

The top left portion should bear your brand. This is usually the area where people’s eyes land, in accordance with the traditional way of reading, so it makes sense to put your identity in that spot. The bottom-centre portion should also have your logo. This helps remind customers what page they’re in once they read all the information on the page.

Product Photos


Of course, this is a must-have. People want to see what they’re getting from their money. Now, it’s not unknown that it’s much easier to have good photos now, with cheaper DSLRs and user-friendly editing apps, but if you want to have eye-catching images, leave the photos to professionals.

Experts use special kinds of equipment, lighting, and photo manipulation techniques to bring out the best in your products. They can draw attention better to the intricate details of your designer handbags or the sparkle, colour, and perfect cuts of your diamond rings.

Rely on experts’ fashion and jewelry photo editing service to have the best results. Check out the portfolio and client testimonials of the creative agency you’re getting. Let them walk you through their design process as well.

Shopping Cart

An online shopping platform won’t be complete if there are no shopping carts. This gives customers a semblance of traditional buying of goods, which also adds to the vibe of credibility you’re trying to build. The most popular icon for shopping carts is the basket — it’s best to follow this, instead of introducing a unique image, so as not to confuse customers.

Speaking of shopping icons, you should also have the payment system symbols near your cart. Depending on which platforms you offer, you may include debit or credit cards, gift vouchers, cash on delivery, or Paypal.

Phone numbers and chatbots

Customers would want to know where they can turn to if they have concerns or questions. In a physical store, people go to sales reps. In an online store, you must have contact details readily seen anywhere at the website. You can also have chatbots where customers can plug in their inquiries and get their answers right away. This means your customer service team should be on standby always for calls. If you can develop a stronger AI structure that will support your chatbots, the better.

Again, the key to boosting the traffic to your e-commerce site is giving customers what they want. Take note of these important details and include them in your page so you can instantly be the go-to source for online goods.

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