Why You Should Still Write and Send Postcards

Are postcards still relevant in the selfie generation? Surprisingly, yes! Postcards are a thoughtful way of showing a person that you care even while far away. These small cards normally show a scene or location that is well known in the city or country you are in.

People who travel to Paris, for instance, end their loved ones postcards of the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. In the same way, visitors to the UK send postcards of the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben or London Bridge.

But postcards have evolved in both form and style. Besides the usual photo design, there are now folding or two-fold cards, so senders can write longer notes. They can also come in envelopes, so the messages stay private and confidential.

Of course, there is the issue of sending it via snail mail, but here are a few reasons it is still considered good practice to send postcards.

Show you care

Text or chat messaging is now the easiest and fastest way to communicate with someone. It will take you only a few minutes to write a message and a second to send it. But postcards are different.

They show your effort and thoughtfulness. Sending postcards entails selecting and finding the right one, handwriting your message and sending it to the person you love via snail mail. Imagine the time and effort you have to put in. It simply means the recipient is someone you really care about.

Chronicle your travels

You may use postcards as mementoes or keepsakes of your travels. They can also double as your travel journal. You can send a postcard to your home address after you have experienced something wonderful and worth remembering. This way, you can later look back and reminisce on what you saw and felt at that exact time.

You can collect postcards or create a scrapbook of all the postcards you have accumulated from your travels. Say something about each photo and the unforgettable experience you had at the place.

Last a lifetime

Postcards are unique and one of a kind, so they are great for safekeeping. Unlike digital photos that can get deleted or lost when data is corrupted, postcards can be framed and hung on walls or placed in a shelf. They are something you can look back to in the future and be able to share with others as well.

Get one back

A postcard is a pleasant surprise. It is a fun gesture that brings great joy to others. When you send somebody a postcard, there is a great likelihood that they might send you one back later on.

If you and your friends agree to send each other postcards of your individual travels or joint adventures, you can build up a great collection of amazing memories worth cherishing.

Look amazing on walls

travel collage composed of postcards

Postcards can be compiled, mounted and made as centrepieces in bedrooms, living rooms or libraries. The photographs are artistic and are meant to look good in any room or office.

You can group the postcards per region or area, or by year of travel. They can also immortalise a certain period of your life, like the time you have spent in Italy, Spain or South America on a great adventure.

While the digital world promises bigger, faster and more colourful photos, postcards still have their place in people’s hearts. They are for artists, travellers and sentimental individuals who want a tangible remembrance of a fixed point in time.

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