How Modern Organic Design Combines with Modern Aesthetics

Doing some major renovations in your home can be expensive. But did you know that you can give it a whole new look just by changing a few pieces of furniture?

If you’re after a clean and light aesthetic mixed with true craftsmanship, then an organic modern style aesthetic is right for you. It’s an interior design concept in Utah that blends the best of contemporary design with a touch of Scandinavian flair. It creates comfortable neutral spaces with clean lines and natural fibers.

How Modern Organic Design Works

Houzz says that a modern organic style is a design that combines the clean lines that modern houses have with natural materials such as bamboo and seagrass. It’s perfect for people who want to achieve a modern look combined with modern organic decor.

The look is not limited to contemporary homes alone. Homeowners can include modern touches to any traditional home by using furnishings that have modern lines. You can achieve this kind of look by using worn wood beams contrasted by white walls. The wood gives it an organic feel, but its shape exhibits a more minimalist and modern look.

To some people, the modern organic design borrows a few elements from the Scandinavian minimalist and the Bohemian design, making any interior space look bright and full of character.

Basic Elements of Interior Design

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Most people often confuse interior design with interior decoration. While interior design focuses on creating a concept for the entire space from scratch, interior decoration focuses on adding furniture and upholstery to complete the look.

While both are excellent in their ways, Launchpad Academy believes that interior design is more of a science, bound by its principles and elements. To help you understand how interior design works, here are its essential features that’ll help you create your own living space.

    • Line

The line is responsible for establishing contrast and unity in a specific living area. It defines the shapes and serves as a visual guide for the entire living space. Lines consist of three basic types–vertical, horizontal, and dynamic. An interior designer should know how to use these lines to create a form inside the living area.

    • Space

Space is the very foundation of any interior design plan. That’s why it’s crucial for a designer to become aware of the space available. The designer’s role is to fill the space with decor or furniture items without looking overcrowded.

    • Forms

Forms refer to shapes that help add balance to the living space. You can either combine two or more shapes or use other design elements such as various textures and patterns to complete the look.

    • Light

Light is one of the most crucial elements of any interior design. Whether it is natural or artificial, design elements won’t have any significance without the proper light. It also sets the mood of the living space and illuminates the entire area.

If you’re looking to redecorate your home, it’s best to reach out to an interior design service near your area. Look for a company that also provides custom-made furniture to complete your home’s look.

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