Five Ways to Get the Most Value out of Your Professional Business Video

Whether for marketing or documentation purposes, you’ll probably find it necessary to invest in at least one good business video this year. As you look around for the best production services in Manchester, you must get a good return on investment (ROI). Cutting costs is too risky – think botched lighting, unfocused images, or garbled sound. Instead, how can you maximise the value of your professional-quality footage?

Diversify your sharing

Your marketing team knows that people are more likely to share images than articles, and in turn, videos are even more likely to be shared than pictures. But what sort of clips does your target audience find more engaging? Videos with detailed, informative interviews can be engaging with specific customers, but too long for others. A London audience may want to see different scenes than those you present to a global customer base. Break down your footage into shorter clips and distribute them across the appropriate social media channels. Even 10-second clips can work as ads, for instance.

Reuse footage elsewhere

Let’s face it; other than a few company insiders – and the video editing team – few people are going to watch the entirety of your footage from a professional shoot. Instead of viewing that as a waste, consider it an opportunity – with the right cuts and edits, you can reuse some of your footage for events and presentations where it will be presented to a fresh audience. Outtakes can be used to inject humour into internal materials, and highlights from the CEO’s address in a recorded interview can be used as a welcome or inspiring message to visitors and staff.

Drive conversions

Some of your footage may already be destined for your website’s landing page or various individual pages where company spokespersons or expert consultants discuss the features and benefits of your products and services. And while it’s great to provide such education and brand exposure, you can go even further.

If executed properly, you can have users fill out some information before watching videos, or overlay a call-to-action graphic during playback; both are easy and inexpensive ways to use the power of video to mine more data and drive up your conversion rates.


Grab stills

Why pay for generic and patently staged stock photography to use in your flyers, posters, brochures, presentations and reports, when you can grab a variety of still frames from a professionally shot video you’ve already paid for? You’ll have the same quality and resolution, but with the authenticity that comes from involving actual employees, scenes, and processes within your UK company.

Plan for multiple videos

Perhaps the best way to milk your business video for the most ROI is to plan ahead of time for the shoot to serve various purposes. For example, when filming a promotional interview with your brand ambassador or social media influencer, in addition to having them talk about the highlights of your product, record them delivering different greetings which you can use in ads or for seasonal campaigns. By envisioning the roadmap for your video content, you can make the most of every minute of captured footage and professional editing that you’re going to invest in.

Video marketing is here to stay, and as more businesses set aside a dedicated portion of their budget each year to step up their efforts in this area, you can lead the way by using these tips to gain the most impact from your videos.

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