Five Ways Amateur Writers Can Succeed in the Digital Age

We are now living in an age when everything we need we can get on the Internet. You can just browse the Internet to order products. With more people using technology, how can writers succeed if people are much more willing to buy reading apps than books and other printed reading materials?

Many successful authors are now taking advantage of the Internet to showcase their talent to a bigger audience. But what about the amateur writers who are yet to make a name in their field? What can you do to compete with established authors so that you, too, can share your talent with the world?

Choose between using your real name or a pen name

Writers often use pen names whenever they write in different genres. You can also choose to create your own pen name or use your real name. Some authors prefer to use pen names if their real names are extremely common, if they want to remain private, if they have other professional careers, and if they write pieces with controversial topics. But if you want to be known exactly for your writing, then crafting a pen name will be a good choice.

Publish your books offline and online

For traditional authors, they can choose to publish their works traditionally or in printed reading materials. For modern writers, there are lots of websites and apps that allow them to publish their works. But if you want to maximize your earnings, do it both online and offline. For instance, if you were an aspiring poet, you can choose to self-publish a poetry book. Just make sure that you work with a reputable publishing company.

Start a blog


A blog is an excellent medium to showcase your talent in writing. Craft a blog name that can best describe your works and yourself. Register your blog and find a proper hosting. You can choose to use a free or paid template and tweak it according to your style. Post on your blog regularly and share it with your followers on social media. Don’t forget to promote your blog.

Create a Facebook page for your works

Now that you have written works ready for publication, make sure that you grow your audience online. Create a Facebook page for your written works. Share your blog posts and write Facebook posts to entice your followers. Engage with your audience and join different groups related to your niche. You can decide on paying for Facebook advertisements depending on your budget.

Promote on LinkedIn

This platform is dedicated to professionals wanting to grow their networks. Remember that as a writer, you don’t only want to gain followers and fans. You also want to be recognized by potential clients willing to support your passion. Publish some of your works on LinkedIn, give updates, and create a professional network where you can showcase your talent in writing.

Writing a book is never easy. The good news is that even amateur writers who have a passion for writing can now start their career a bit easier than back in the days. Use this list as your guide. Who knows? You could be the next best-selling author in your preferred genre in the next few years.

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