Color Combinations: The Details Consumers See and Remember

One of the primary considerations in graphic design is the colors. They are an incredibly powerful tool that determines whether a consumer will take a second look at a logo, an ad, or a poster. Color combinations can also be used as the palette of an animatic video. One can pick a few colors, then distribute their respective hues all over the frames.

Different color combinations evoke various sensations, pulling the eye across canvases, with an effect akin to typefaces (or fonts). Each creative design agency in UAE or other areas has its own way of handling color combinations, but here are some basics to get one started.

Play With Contrasts

This option is the easiest way to create the right color combination. It has been done since the beginning, with black lines on white pages or dirt on dull stone. Contrasts look beautiful, but they can be more than that. They can be relaxing, eye-catching, or exciting. It depends on the compatibility of the colors one experiments with.

For example, while a black-and-white combination gives off anything from “luxurious yet simple” to “old noir,” mustard yellow and dark blue give off a rather academic look, perfect for high-school themed advertisements. Earthy colors, like brown mixed with light pink or dark green with gray, can be considered for related causes or outdoor-style cafes.

Also, try to choose an exciting color to pair with a neutral one, like black, brown, white, or gray. Gray mixes well with anything; the same goes for black, white, and brown. Contrasts highlight what you want to emphasize to put a certain mood with their background.

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Play With Shades

Another option is to choose one color and make use of its shades and hues. Let’s take pink as an example. If you want to advertise a spa catered to women and girls, you may combine a darker shade of pink with a lighter one.

Another example is gray. Mixing a variety of it will keep the nice mechanical look in check, but give it some element of excitement. Creams and white go well together, especially for spas and hotels. You can also mix one color with something closely related to it, like blue with blue-green or orange with yellow. If you narrow down your choices, you will see even more opportunities to be creative.

Double the Fun

Start with two colors. Pick dark gray, for instance, then pair it with creamy white. Does it look pretty? Now, consider another combination, canvas white and pitch black, then mix them. Which colors go into the background, and which ones belong to the front? Does one color stand out from the others? Start with two colors, then combine two and two. The process might be complicated, but this can be worth it.

The power of color must not be underestimated. It is a visual element along with typeface, spacing, shapes, and movement. Colors can be the first thing the eyes pay attention to or are repelled from; they can make or break a brand. Either way, colors are fun to experiment with.

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