Extracurricular Activities: Why Your Child Need Them

Parenthood is difficult, as many may come to realize. As a first time parent, it’s important to realize that becoming a great parent takes more than providing for the bare necessities of your child. Children require more than sustenance, clothing, and education to become properly developed teenagers and young adults.

Extracurricular activities play a vital role in their development, too. These activities not only help kids unwind and take a break from studies, but they also open new opportunities for learning and build up confidence.

Here are some programs you can enroll your child.


South Jordan residents can choose from a wide array of music lessons. The decision lies on you whether you wish to enroll your child for a classical instrument like the piano or violin or something more contemporary like the guitar or keyboard.

Aside from instruments, you may also consider singing and dancing classes. Studying music won’t only grant your kid useful skills. It also teaches patience and discipline, since not everyone can be a virtuoso overnight.

Moreover, studies show studying music from an early age helps children enhance their language and motor skills.

Arts and Crafts

artist child

The left part of the brain is just as important as the right part. That is why parents should encourage their children to pursue creative pursuits. This often starts in early childhood, when you give your children crayons and a blank piece of paper to express their thoughts.

It can go beyond that. You can find classes for traditional drawing, painting, and sculpting. Some classes also specialize in pottery and sewing.

Children who do arts and crafts can improve their motor skills since these endeavors require a lot of hand movements from your tiny artist. Aside from coordination, these activities also boost their thinking and feelings. Creative children tend to think outside the box, which helps in problem-solving. Not only that, but they are also more expressive.

Sports and Martial Arts

Children need to be physically active to remain healthy. A way to encourage them to move around when they aren’t studying is by enrolling them in sports or martial arts programs.

Sports help improve hand-eye coordination, but that isn’t all they have to offer. They teach the value of teamwork as well. Moreover, physical activities give kids an outlet to let out any aggression they may feel, leaving them more level-headed.

Martial arts also focus on motor skills and discipline. It teaches your children some moves that can help them defend themselves should things go awry.

As a parent, it’s acceptable for you to enroll your child in these classes, even if they haven’t expressed an interest in them. In time, they may develop a liking in the activities they participate in. This is a major plus, their world expands because of it.

On the other hand, don’t feel too disappointed when your child shows potential but ends up not enjoying the activity you signed them up for. Instead of forcing them to continue, pull them out and introduce them to other classes they may end up liking. While they show promise, they’re not going to have fun if their heart isn’t in it.

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