Shared Spaces: Utilizing Community Areas for Growth

Community interactions are shaped through common areas. They are networking locations that can assist political participation, encourage initiatives, and prevent crimes. They are places for contact and exchanging ideas that influence the performance of the urban landscape. People feel good and are more active in appealing public settings, which provide both physical and emotional health advantages.

You can use a vacant space for a variety of purposes. And, regardless of where an empty property is situated, it is unquestionably a significant asset. Whether for private, community, or commercial usage, a vacant lot provides several opportunities for profit and self-fulfillment.

Here are some ideas and interventions that illustrate how you can improve the quality of life in our communities.

Business Kiosk

Some businesses do not need much room to operate. A modest kiosk would be ideal on every paved area with an electrical connection. Tax services, cash advance institutions, and fast-food outlets are a few examples of organizations that might benefit from an open lot. If there is power, sufficient drainage, and the equipment is accessible from the main road, a paved lot might be an excellent placement.

Parking Spaces

Parking spots are one of the most straightforward opportunities for vacant, paved properties. The busier the neighborhood in which you live, the greater this potential. However, the first expense will be determined by the area’s state, and you’d be required to fix potholes, paint borders, and construct entrance and exit systems. You could rent out spaces by the hour or promote for long-term parking.

Special Events

Many couples choose hotels and grand reception areas because they believe it would be convenient to have what they need in one place, which is valid for some occasions but not for all. Often, couples choose to book their wedding venue at their local community, which is a low-cost choice with a lot of flexibility for a DIY ceremony.

In general, empty village halls and recreation centers do not have limitations such as in-house catering or party supplies. More so, the rental cost is another significant advantage. Compared to a typical hotel nuptial location, venue rental fees are a small fraction of the price, leaving you plenty of room to spend lots of money elsewhere or make significant savings.

Community Garden

community garden

Supermarkets do not have adequate space in many metropolitan locations, and they are sometimes too far apart in rural regions. As a consequence, grassy sites are ideal for establishing communal gardens. Considering this option is an excellent opportunity to give back to the local community while earning money.

You might rent out spaces to friends or colleagues, or you could give away communal gardening materials for a price. You might also utilize the area as a garden and offer fresh fruits, veggies, or blooms at a booth.

Storage Area

If you cannot break ground on the space, you can construct a storage shed. It is helpful for home landowners who cannot develop due to ordinances or land use permits. You can build a storage shed with space available for rent to surrounding households.

Customers can store large objects like boats or motorbikes and delicate items like photographs, clothes, or antiquities in more extensive or climate-controlled facilities.

Pet Park

If you live in an urban area, you might not have concrete or developed lots to make it functional and profitable. A small dog park is an excellent option for administrators who cannot create the property due to local law or other issues with the site itself.

However, you’ll need to enclose the area, and there might be additional safety regulations to follow. You must also restrict access in the same manner that a parking garage does or have an attendant watch the park.


You could place a billboard or other kind of advertising anywhere. A billboard might be a fantastic option if the empty property is in a decently frequented location. However, you should first consult with adjacent firms. A simple sign pointing to a neighboring restaurant or store from the main road can benefit both the property and the local business owners.

Sometimes, the tiniest efforts we should make for our communities have the most significant influence. It can be as simple as planting a vegetable garden on an empty lot or a mini library on a sidewalk. Either way, many opportunities offer limitless possibilities.

There are several additional innovative ideas for all sorts of undeveloped property. It’s best to speak with your local government to determine whether these ideas are feasible for your community or use it as a jumping-off point for inspiration. With a bit of effort and imagination, you can help utilize community properties for everyone’s benefit.

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