Things to Consider When Starting Your New Business

Every business starts with an idea, but not every business gains the success that it deserves. In business, names and logos can be as important as the actual product. Even the best product can fail without proper recognition, advertising, and marketing.

Branding Matters

Product names and logos are important. See how easy you recognize the Starbuck’s mermaid or the iconic lower case “i” of iPhones. Take time to think about your branding and once done, you can contact companies such as T & D Print and have custom signs made for your place of business and custom labels for your products. When it comes to logos, choose simplicity over complexity. If it takes an artist more than 15 minutes to draw your logo freehand, it’s too complicated. One or two elements is enough, as long as your logo is easily distinguished and more or less stands out. If you have a restaurant, bar, or offer any service, choose signage that is integral to the theme and purpose of your establishment. Your signage is the first thing people will see, so make it visible and memorable.

Maintain a Good Local Presence

When introducing a product or service, it’s best to start with those around you. Your local community can sometimes be the best proving ground for the popularity of your products and services. Join local business groups. These groups can widen your network of suppliers and possible clients. Tie-ins and little quid-pro-quos with other local businesses can also spread the word of your business as well as spread some goodwill. Word-of-mouth is still the best way to jumpstart any business, and a good network will get you more people talking about your business. You can also try to participate in local charity events by donating your products or by being a sponsor. Most of these donations are tax-deductible, so treat them as free advertising.

Get Online

Businessman getting involved in social media

The Internet gives you an extra avenue to market your products and services. Social media allows your business to reach more potential customers and spread the word of your products and services. A carefully crafted business website makes you appear professional and provides an alternative avenue to buy your products or avail of your services. You can even go all the way and commission a custom phone app for your brand. Having your brand on people’s phone is excellent advertising, and it keeps your loyal customers updated on special promos, new products, or special events.

Make Things Special

Most major companies have marketing promos. Steam has a seasonal sale for games, Netflix provides promo codes and coupons to reel people in, and Domino’s has two for Tuesdays. You can adopt a loyalty program and give your customers promo cards that accumulate stickers for every purchase to get a prize. Make your place memorable wit regular events two or three times a month. Even something as simple as fortune cookies that have funny quotes inside can leave a good impression on your customers.

Starting a business is a great undertaking that requires a lot of time, effort and resources. Keep your business practices sound and make sure that what you offer makes a mark on your customers’ consciousness.

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