Protect Your Business from Crimes

Crimes can occur anywhere. You don’t want these crimes to manifest and affect your business. Establishing something with your sweat and blood, only to be crushed by a crime, is devastating.

According to a report, workplace crimes cost businesses $50 billion a year. That’s a large amount of money lost because of offenses against business owners. You don’t want to be one of those business owners for sure.

But how can you prevent crimes within your business? How can you ensure a secured business place? Check out some of these tips to protect your business from potential crimes that can cost you a lot.

Invest in security systems

You can never go wrong with effective security systems. It’s essential to have a system that secures your assets and your staff. The good thing about this is a lot of these security systems have become cheaper and more accessible. It’s not just exclusive for enterprises anymore. Regular consumers can now shop for security cameras and motion sensors. They can do this without worries about the installation process cause it’s fairly easy.

Leading security services can even monitor your property 24/7 for a subscription fee. They can alert you if something suspicious is happening within your business’s premises. That will cost you less than hiring people to monitor the place for you. That being said, take advantage of security systems that are best suited for your business.

Hire trustworthy staff

In a Forbes article, it’s mentioned that 75% of employees have stolen from their employer at least once. The statistic came from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Believe it or not, employee theft is very prevalent and you need to protect your business from this scheme.

The best thing you can do is hire the most trustworthy employees. Do this by properly screening your candidates. Get to know your applicants even more by doing extensive background checks. This preventive measure can ensure safety, not just for the business but also for the employees themselves.

Make sure that the resource people they have are equally reliable. Another thing that can ease this process is looking into some trusted relatives. If they’re qualified and skilled for the job, they can also be a better option. Your employees are the keys to your success. But sometimes, they can also cause some irreversible damages to your business. That’s why you have to hire staff with immaculate records.

Employ a security guard

If you’re dealing with high-priced assets, consider hiring a security person. You’d rather pay someone to guard your business place than be vulnerable to theft. The latter will cost you significantly more. Choose the security person just like how you’d choose your staff. Keep in mind that the physical assets of your business will rely heavily on this person.

That’s why it’s important to screen the candidates. Choose someone who is seasoned for the job. They should have the skills and experiences to keep your business place secured. You’re putting your business’s fate on your security guard. You better do a good job screening the applicants for the position.

Prioritize safety precautions

Prevention is always better. Crime prevention practices help business owners keep their businesses from harm. For example, you own a jewelry business. Instead of having a physical store, you can establish regular customers online. Have your pieces of jewelry photographed nicely.

Get them processed by picture-retouching services for an appealing look. Display them on your website or digital marketplace. This way, you can save on rent for a physical shop, salary for security and staff, utilities, and more. And, of course, the absence of a physical jewelry store means you won’t have to risk having a shop broken in and burglarized.

Protect your information

Crimes have become digital nowadays. This is inevitable, given that everything can be done by digital means. It’s important to protect intangible business assets such as your financial data. Getting them accessed by an unauthorized person can cost you enough to lose everything. There’s no other way to prepare for this but to prevent cyberattacks from happening. And since the attack is digital, your preventive approach should be digital too.

Work on securing your passwords and encrypting every important piece of information. Assign secured devices to your employees and give them training on information security. These are just some ways to ensure your data’s protection. Cyberattacks can be fatal, but they can be avoided.

It’s hard to restart from scratch. That’s exactly what you will deal with if your business is targeted by any crime. Prevention is always the best way to protect something. You don’t want all your hard work to fall into the hands of criminals. You can apply the mentioned tips to secure your business effectively

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