Love A Good Adventure? 4 Career Paths To Consider

While some people are perfectly happy spending eight hours a day cooped up in a cubicle with a mug of coffee at their side, there are people who cannot stand even the thought of it. There are individuals that have adventure built into their systems. Whose blood comes alive when things and sceneries change fast, crucial decisions need to be made at the drop of a hat, and meeting new people every day is a must.

If you are one of the adventurous types, here are four career choices you can consider in case you want to take you down that path.

1. Event Planning

Whether big or small, outdoor or indoor, pulses are always abuzz in the world of events, where many moving parts need to be in perfect sync come event day. Just some things you need to consider as an event planner: venue, security, food, the performance, and an efficient and able company to provide convention staffing in your area, not to mention that it will all have to fit neatly under a prescribed budget.

You also remember that the real work begins on the day itself where a million and one things could go wrong from uncooperative weather, no-show suppliers, broken down equipment, to unruly or drunken guests. Patience is vital for a career like this, but it’s all worth it when you know everyone enjoyed the event your organized.

2. Photojournalist


Telling a compelling news story through the lens of a camera will require you to travel, often to the middle of a crisis in a highly dangerous country. You must move fast to capture images that will best portray your narrative and even muscle your way through restricted or highly guarded areas to get that money shot.

Some photojournalists risk life and limb just to tell that story, for not only is it a highly adventurous profession, it’s competitive too.

3. Backpacking Leader

There are no cramped elevators or little cubicles when your job takes you to the lush rainforests of Peru, the breathtaking beaches of Sri Lanka, or through the wondrous vibrant landscapes of Spain. No two days are alike, as a backpacking job can take you to a day till as much as a month or two.

Climb mountains, hike trails, dive into waterfalls, swim into oceans, and discover wildlife. You must always be prepared to meet danger anytime while on the job, including rock slides, a bear attack, or contacting some illness.

4. Storm Chaser

If you really want to up the ante, consider of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Mother nature is one dangerous and unpredictable element, and you never know what she will throw in your path next. Being on the forefront of violent storms and other extreme weather to understand them better can literally take your life.

If it’s an adventure that you like, that’s what you will get in any of these professions. A deep passion for the fast, the adrenaline-pumping and sometimes, the crazy are the only real prerequisites for you to enjoy life on the other side of the corporate world.

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